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Well Written

Good, well written content makes people react.

Reaction is what you want.

See how different styles of writing are used for different purposes & platforms. When writing to your facebook friends you need to write in a different way to if you are writing on your Facebook For Business Page. Make sure everything is always well written. Make notes on the subject of your posts. Add words & phrases & then write around them. Once you have the idea you just expand on it. Bare in mind if you are writing a blog post you will need your Key Phrase before your start to write the article.

Knowing you business puts you in the best position to write about it. No one knows your business like you do. Maybe you have the words, but cannot  seem to put them all together, if so please contact us at the link below.

  • Well Written Content is King.

  • Graphics are a great way to draw people into your website, however words speak loud.

  • You can create well written content to give you the edge on your competitors.

  • You must know your business well & be passionate about it.


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Get Creative Writing

Get creative writing working for you.

The introduction to your property is the first thing a potential customer sees. Make it count.

Get your creative juices flowing by writing about your passion. Write now, edit later is a good rule of thumb. Write on your phone, then edit on your laptop later. Get creative writing for your business. Carefully chosen words are necessary to best convey your business, to the visitors to your website. 

Creative Writing sets you apart from the competition. This is writing without rules. There are rules in writing in English of course & text must be grammatically correct, always. However you have a free reign to use your favourite words, words that reflect you & your business. Let your business shine with your words.

  • Creative Writing sets you apart from the competition.

  • Use your favourite words.

  • Get excited & let that shine through.

  • Write now, edit later & don’t forget spellcheck.

Examples of creative writing.

Set back inland in Mandrem, is the oasis, that is Wigwam Goa. Nik & Tanya have created an idilic spot, surrounded by hundreds of native trees and plants. As the name implies, there are eight, six meter wide Tipis or Wigwams, all with ensuite outdoor shower, as well as two stunning octagon structures made from local materials. There is also the option of one and two bedroom Apartments, with kitchens & air conditioning for those who like their creature comforts. The cafe offers local based organic food, great coffee, Kombucha and a long list of Nic’s cocktails. Serving Rotisserie chicken and veggie burgers with music and dancing every Saturday night, has become a local legend.

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Write Blog Posts

Write blog posts to get customers to your website.

When you write blog posts regularly, it keeps your website active, users engaged & success for your business.

To Write Blog Posts with a combination of creative writing & article writing for search engine visibility is an art. Blog Posts get you noticed by great content & correct data in the correct format. Content gets notice on search engines when you write within the rules. (The rules of search engines). Great blog posts can transform your business.

Blog posts let people know what is going on. These are a very effective ways to bring customers from social media to your website to close sales. Easy commentary with catchy text & pictures to get your message across. Blog posts on WordPress need to be at least three hundred words long. They need a subject, this subject is the Key Phrase. There are rules to follow when writing blog posts & it is important to know the basis of these before you start. This is all related to SEO. Not only do we want the posts to read well to our customers we also need them to be indexed by search engines.

  • Pick a topic to write about & make sure you have a lot of information.
  • Research to find the most appropriate key phrase that you will use.
  • Add the post to your WordPress website &. set it to ‘Draft’.
  • Edit the information & check the suggestions from Yoast SEO plugin.


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Selfpublish Cost

Want to publish your book?

What is the Selfpublish cost? 

Many stories, but only one book. Once you have spent innumerable hours getting inspired, writing and plugging away on your beloved book, it is time to decide on how to publish it. Self Publishing has become a very viable option for authors. As usual, the internet has changed things. It has changed the face of the publishing industry (as well as music, travel, insurance, taxis, food delivery &&&) for the benefit of authors. I want to help you decided if self publishing is the way for you & to show the the selfpublish cost.

Book publishing costs come in many forms. There is still the traditional route via a publisher, however this entails having a publisher agree to publish your book. This may or may not be easy, depending on many factors. The other, increasing popular route, is to self publish. This will keep your book publishing costs low. This means that you bare all the expenses yourself, however you get to keep all the rights and all the income, from the sale of your book. It gives you total control over the finished book.It is not uncommon for first time authors to self publish and then get a more lucrative deal from a publisher as a result.

Read on to see the process & the costs of getting your book published.

  • Write your book with passion.

  • Edit your book for accuracy.

  • Format your book for digital platforms & print.

  • Market your book through all the available channels make an income from your work.

  • There are several options available to authors to make their books available to a wide audience.


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