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Sharing WordPress Blog Posts

Sharing my WordPress Blog Posts to Facebook.

Yeahhhhh. You have finished your WordPress website. Well done.

Website looks good & has something to buy. Now to start marketing through Facebook. We are going to do this by sharing WordPress blog posts from our website, to facebook.

There are some things you need to have done. (These are covered in other blog posts.) You will have chosen what will be your first blog post & the image you will use. You need to have chosen the image for your blog post. Before you post you need to upload the image for the post. You need to have chosen an image for your post. Yes, it must have an image & this image is the Featured Image on the posts page in WordPress. It is an important image. This image also needs to be processed to reduce its size & optimise it for the web. If you are using a laptop then you probably have an application to do this or you can use Tinypng . If you are using a smart phone then taking photos with it is best, using a filter & editor that compresses the file. There are apps for that. Do the same thing with you pictures every time. Great photos with small file sizes are very important.

  • Build your website.

  • Write interesting blog posts.

  • Create your facebook for business page.

  • Start posting.

Refresh your Personal Facebook

  • First sort out your personal Facebook.
  • Delete all the other pages you made. Focus on just the one. Tidy it up. Loose some things.
  • You can Unfollow or Unfriend people & robots. You can delete photos. Untag yourself.
  • Go through & unfollow any pages that you no longer like or need, to have liked & see every day.
  • Upload a new Gallery of pictures that reflects you now & your business.
  • Privacy Settings. Check them all for your Personal Page. Consider making this Private.

Make your Facebook Page

  • Get everything prepared before you make the New Facebook Page. Have text & photos ready to upload.
  • Hopefully you have ten glowing, polished & finished blog post, (all with green lights for Yoast SEO.), already written, this is good. If you have fifty two it is even better.
  • Set everything up by looking at every tab, link, preferences & settings.
  • First post. Say hello. Say Welcome. Link to new Homepage.
  • Second post is a synopsis of your first Blog post with the link to it on your website. Make it catchy & give just enough information but make them want to read more. Then they will click the link & go to your website.
  • A Facebook post can be up to 10,000 characters, however only 480 show up above the link. So you have 240 words max to write. It has been said that 50 characters is better. This will be the text from the blog post with some good editing. See what works for you.

Finally & Continually. Sharing wordpress blog posts.

  • Post about the new page to yours friends on your personal page. Make it personal. Then your first Blog post. Then your second & repeat.
    Post to your page on a regular basis. Decide what works for you as well as when to post. Day of week & time.
  • Try & get ‘engagement’ going on, on your blog post, post, on your Facebook page. It is the likes, comments & replies to comments that count as engagement. When this is happening the post gets circulated more & more widely. It is the your blog posts that you want doing this.
    You can then also think about a ‘Sponsored’ Post & start giving money to Facebook Inc.
  • Come up with a plan as to what else to share on your Page, in-between your blog posts. This can be friends, related to what you do. People you admire & hopefully collaborators.
  • Have a similar plan for your Personal Facebook Page. Just share the blog posts & the rest of the time, keep it Personal.
  • Try to think of the people on your Friends list as Friends, then people who like your page, as potential customers. customers, service providers, supporters etc.
  • Make your posts different for your personal page Friends & your business page Likers.

When you have done all this your will reap the benefits of sharing wordpress blog posts.

Other Social Media Platforms

This post is just about Facebook.
The message has to be different on every platform.
Make sure you have also claimed the handle on Instagram, Twitter & any other the thousands of other social media platforms that might be appropriate for you.

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