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Facebook for business. Facebook is business.

You need Facebook For Businesses

Write your own Blog Posts & share them on Facebook.

If you run a small business, then Facebook is not just a place to send belated birthday messages, it is a huge global customer base. It is a for profit, business platform. It is Facebook for Business. Writing your own Blog Posts & sharing them on Facebook is what Facebook for Business is. Yes, it is also a place to share lots of photos of your cat with your friends, but that is only on your personal timeline.

This personal timeline Facebook says is not for business, a personal timeline must have your real name & not use a company name. If you do use a company name (or something else other than your real name) then, sooner or later, you will end up on the Facebook police radar. Facebook for Business & your personal timeline are subjected to algorithms to monitor such things (& many other metrics, they are the means by which Facebook sifts through data to make money out of it).

If an individual page gets to a certain level of activity, they will look at it & then suspend access to it, if they see their terms & conditions have been breached (yes that long document that you never read but have agreed to). They will then contact you & tell you that you need to use your real name & will also ask for a document to confirm your real name before they give back access to your personal page. They will tell you that you need to create a ‘Page’. Pages are separate, they are managed by a person, but they are business. There are many categories of pages, you can be a ‘Public Figure’ a ‘Restaurant’, a ‘Band’ whatever, you will need to choose the option most appropriate to you.

  • Facebook for Business is good for your business.

  • Understand how it can work for you.

  • Reap the benefits of using it correctly.

  • Drive customers to your website.

Facebook Pages

  • Your business page.

We move into the murky world of facebook for business. This parallel space is where the money is for Facebook. After all why would they offer all this for free? Free communication, free photo galleries, free everything? Because of the advertising on the page everyone screams. I ask you a question, how many times do you click on a link on your facebook timeline & buy something? I bet the answer to that is not often & maybe you have never done so. Yes, there is some revenue from the fact that there are adverts on the page & companies pay just to expose you to that, but this is peanuts in the bigger picture.

Facebook for business is where the money is. Find the people that are running businesses from their pages, then get them to make a page for their business & then force them into spending. Spend directly themselves on advertising in cold hard cash to Facebook for business.

Why does this work? On your personal timeline, if you have say one thousand friends (which is way above the average, the average is around three hundred), when you post something, all those one thousand people have the opportunity to see the post. Not all will, but they have the opportunity to (it will become more prominent if it catches peoples eye & they comment on it, leading to more comments). On a Facebook page, this is not the case. If you have one thousand likes, your post will not appear in all the ‘likers’ newsfeed. For more to see it, you have to pay. After all it is a business & why should another company promote your business for free? It is not a sustainable business model. None do! (It is known as a ‘Freemium’ business model. More on this in another post.)

Reaching more customers.

  • By writing & sharing Blog Posts on Facebook for Business.

To reach all the people that like your page you have to enter the world of ‘Promoted Posts’ & advertising campaigns. As a business you likely pay for advertising on other platforms, print media, posters, radio or any number of others, so why not on the largest advertising platform in the world. Advertising is not free, Facebook is not free for those wishing to advertise. That is the reality.

So accept this & move forward in using it to the benefit of your business. How to do this? Read on.

You are a one person business in a niche market. What is your objective? To be the goto person in your chosen niche. Due to this new world of social media there is a new term for success, this term is ‘Influencer’. Previously, business success was based on money numbers, sales money numbers, money turnover & money profit.

Within Social Media it is based on ’Influence’ which has it own metrics. These metrics are ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’ ‘Shares’ & ‘Engagement’. Actually it is the same thing as the financial metrics, but only of these metrics lead to a place where people buy a product or service. (Also it should be pointed out that some people do not do it for money, just for fake internet points & their own ego. This might be the subject of another post.)

Are you sharing other peoples articles on facebook? Not just a daily relevant news article from a major newspaper, but blog posts from a small website. Someone in the same niche market as you? The article obviously resonates with you. Are you doing the same? If you are then you are sending business to a competitor. Why would you do this? (There are some reasons for doing this, but I will deal with that in another post.)

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