Cherry Pick Effective Social Media

Effective Social Media

Social Media is the business buzzword of the decade.

Effective Social Media. What does it mean?

Cherry pick the best parts of social media. Choose what your share & where you share it. Connect with a refined global or local audience with engaging content through Effective Social Media. Social media & social media marketing mean different things to different people. For small businesses however, it means a gold mine of potential, clients as well as more administration & some frustration. It depends on how you manage it, and how you show yourself, in the massive online world of reviews, comments and photos. There is an every growing list of platforms that come under the term, social media.

Having a clear plan for your Effective Social Media marketing is vitally important. A plan also makes it much easier to do, consistency as this is the key. Also be consistently different across all the social media platforms. Each platform has a particular driver, Instagram is photos & twitter is a few words. To be effective you have to be engaged yourself. You need to be excited to post. There are however rewards to your efforts & these are likes, comments & visits to your website. Each platform has metrics so you can see how your posts performed, this makes it exciting.

  • Decide which platforms you are going to use.

  • Add content to them on a regular schedule.

  • Respond to comments.

  • See your following grow.

  • Google Business & Tripadvisor

The term, social media, generally refers to the social discussion of topics, rather than the professional reviews in trade magazines, that were the norm of the past. Anyone can write anything, it is a free world. Due to this it is necessary to manage and control the various platforms where your property appears in a search on the site. Most of these platforms, including Google Business and Tripadvisor allow you to claim your business listed with them and it is necessary to do so to present the correct view of your property, as well as to deal with comments, both negative and positive. This is where these two platforms are included in the Social Media section, as they have open comments, as well as being platforms to sell rooms and food in your restaurants.

  • Facebook & Instagram

Others such as the ubiquitous Facebook, seem on the front of it, to be just solely social media platforms, however the underlying business model is income generation from advertising. This is the most powerful marketing platform in the world for your business, you just need to understand it and take advantage of it. There are direct sales tools built into the facebook platform that can drive business to you as well as manage the completion of the sale. Others such as Instagram and Twitter do not themselves make sales, however their function is to drive people to the place where you want them to come to make the sale. It is the generation of compelling content that drives all of this.

We are also very experienced in the setup and management of properties on Tripadvsior and other online review platforms. The careful display of the features and benefits of your properties, as well as the reviews these generate, are vitally important to your business. You can see some of our clients reviews here.

We offer a full service, from general advice to a fully managed Social Media presence across all the suitable platforms. Please contact us to discuss how we maybe able to help you with your Social Media.

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