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Some examples of creative writing:

The Himalayan

Built in the Victorian Gothic Revival style and perched at an elevation of 2003 metres, The Himalayan is the premier luxury resort in Manali area of North Western Indian Himalaya. Our Castle and Cottages are set in the midst of apple and cherry orchards, overlooking resplendent snow capped mountain peaks and waterfalls plunging down rock faces. In this privileged backdrop we find inspiration, whilst looking towards a vibrant and propitious future. Here grandeur, elegance and style have conspired to create intimacy and warmth without pretension.

The Himalayan’s fine blend of inimitability and characteristic eccentricity will find appeal with connoisseurs of tradition, looking for a difference. Like the gentleman who sports jauntily-coloured braces beneath his conservative tweed suit or harbours a penchant for embroidered silk pyjamas, The Himalayan is proud of its individuality but doesn’t scream it.

Without doubt, this is the standout property in the whole of the Kullu valley. Stay like a King & Queen in this modern Castle, with its spiral stone staircase, leading to the baronial bedrooms upstairs. The Castle is open all year round and with a stone carved fireplace in every room making it is a great place to spend the new year. Summer can be spent around the pool being served the best food and drinks in the valley. The Castle has been the star location in many movies and has been featured in global travel magazines.

The Surf Club

The Surf Club is a boutique eight double bedroom guesthouse, restaurant, bar, music venue and chill out space. It was formed in October 2003, the concept being to offer live and dance music of all types, along with adventure sports, in a clean & friendly environment. The Surf Club has gained a reputation as a place for musicians and multi media artists to meet and interact, giving rise to spontaneity, no two nights being the same. We pride ourselves on creating an inviting space to be in. Incorporating great music, exciting food & drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere all round. You will not forget your stay at The Surf Club for sure.

The Surf Club has been the heart of the Arambol beach community for the past 17 years. Apart from surfing, this being a key part of The Surf Club experience (due to some of the best breaks in Goa being a 3 minute walk to the beach), music has always been a focus. Over the many seasons, the biggest stage and biggest sound system on the beach has played host to the hundreds of musicians and bands, who have passed through or made Goa their home for a while. Modern accommodation with the best local seafood and more than a few UK food favourites on the menu.


Set back inland in Mandrem, is the oasis, that is Wigwam Goa. Nik & Tanya have created an idilic spot, surrounded by hundreds of native trees and plants. As the name implies, there are eight, six meter wide Tippees or Wigwams, all with ensuite outdoor shower, as well as two stunning octagon structures, made from local materials. There is also the option of one and two bedroom Appartments, with kitchens & air conditioning, for those who like their creature comforts. The cafe offers local based organic food, great coffee, Kombucha and a long list of Nic’s cocktails. Serving Rotisserie chicken and veggie burgers with music and dancing every Saturday night, has become a local legend.

Some examples for writing for Specified Keyword Density Writing for Search Engine Optimization:

Best Law Enforcement Boots

Bottom line upfront – I recommend the Bates Men’s Enforcer primarily because of their fit, light weight and price.

Whether you are a Police Officer, Mall Cop, Bounty Hunter, Personal Security Guard, a member of the French Foreign Legion or a Military Peace Keeper, you need good boots. Someone once said that an army marches on its stomach, they don’t, they march on their boots. The wrong boots can lead to a whole host of problems, any one of which could incapacitate you. Never underestimate how important your feet are and the boots you wear on them.

Boots are a key purchase for anyone working in law enforcement and will also be one of the most expensive purchases. It is important to make the right choice of boot and we will look at that in more detail. These are my recommendations.

Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Chase Low Tactical Boot

The Original S.W.A.T., as the name clearly implies is a shoe with military applications. These are low height shoes are made with real black leather with Nylon inserts for flexibility. These shoes are extremely comfortable for those who walk long distances or spend a lot of time on their feet during their daily routine.

These low boots talk a bit of wearing in but after this initial period they will conform to your feetand provide years of comfort. This is my top pick, of the low boot options, for law enforcement professionals.

Under Armour Men’s Mirage 3.0 Military and Tactical Boot

Under Armour has a clear message, in the name. The name clearly implies that the shoes offer some form of protection, and this is indeed the case. This low height boot is made of a composite of suede and a light breathable mesh in black. The boot is very comfortable with great grip.

The only negative could be that they are slightly heavier than other boots, however, this is due to the added protection that they give your feet.

Magnum Men’s Viper Low Duty Shoe

The wonderfully named, Viper Duty Shoe is part of the Magnum Company Uniform Collection, that offers a range of products for those in Law Enforcement. They have a compression folded man-made upper with an EVA sole.

These low boots are low height type and offer great comfort and durability with the added benefit of a non-slip sole that is oil resistant. This oil resistance might be a deciding factor if you are working in such environments.

Bates Men’s Enforcer 5 Inch Nylon Leather Uniform Boot

Another boot, which is clearly aimed at law enforcement workers, judging by the name of the line of products available from Bates. This is a medium height boot at 5 Inch high that protects the ankle. The upper is styled with leather and nylon and has a molded rubber, slip resistant sole.

The benefit of this combination or upper and sole means that the boot, itself is very light. The added benefit in this boot is the incorporation of a zipper in the side of the boot. This allows the laces to be set at the required tension, in the beginning, and then the laces are left alone as you can release your foot by opening  the zipper. This is my top pick, of the medium height boot options, for law enforcement professionals.

Tactical A.T.A.C. 6″ Boot

Again, the name implies the use of the boots here with the Tactical line of boots. This is a slightly higher boot than the Bates above at 6 Inch’s high offering slightly more protection to the ankle. The black upper is made of real leather with elastic nylon inserts at the points where the boot needs to flex giving added movement to the ankle. This boot has a moisture-wicking upper that lets your for breath and could be an important factor in your purchase if you are working in hot environments.

CQR Men’s Combat Military Tactical Boots EDC Outdoor Assault

Again, this is a boot with law enforcement in mind, with the words, combat, military and tactical in the name. These are medium height boots at 6 Inch high. the uppers are made of a combination of man-made fabrics offering great flexibility.

These boots are very lightweight, given their size and very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. The other factor that may influence you to buy this boot is that it is available in sand color, which might suit you better than the other black boot options.

Men’s 9 Inch Desert Tan Boots with Side Zipper

The Desert Tan Boots are a full 9 Inch’s high offering a far greater level of protection than the lower height boots. These boots come in tan suede with elasticated inserts around the ankle. These great looking boots are well padded and also have a steel insert for added protection and support.

The high boots also have a zipper down the full length of the boot that has a Velcro cover to hide it, which is a nice visual aspect as well as making the zipper more resistant to water entering the boots.

ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot

This is there taller 8 Inch version of the ATAC men’s boot in tan color suede and elasticated nylon inserts. These boots have a fairly rigid construction offering great protection above the ankle. They have a not slip, oil resistant rubber sole for tough work environments.

These boots also incorporate a special shock mitigation system that protects the foot from shock. The system absorbs the force of the impact and uses that energy to rebound back, using this energy to your advantage. These boots also have a full-length zipper and are available in both black and tan options.

Tactical EVO 8″ Waterproof Boot With Sidezip

The Tactical EVO is another 8 Inch high boot with the added benefit of being completely waterproof. These are great lolling boots that are very comfortable and lightweight for their size. These boots have real leather and elastic uppers that are combined with a synthetic rubber sole. It says that these boots are pathogen resistant which might be a deal breaker for you if working in possibly contaminated environments.

The EVO upper and sole is also oil resistant and has the side zipper also for ease of pulling the boots on and off. This is my top pick, of the high boot options, for law enforcement professionals.

Considerations for Police Work Boots

There are some  questions that you need to ask yourself before purchase. These questions will help guide you in your search for the best law enforcement boots, for you.

The Color of the boot. Probably the first decision should be the color of the boot. Fortunately, this is not too much of a difficult decision. The choice is between black and lighter shades of brown. Black is more suitable for dark clothing and in urban environments, whereas the lighter colors for wearing with camouflage and other uniforms in areas such as deserts. Decide which choice is best for you, bearing in mind the environment that you work in and your uniform, if you wear one.

The height of the boot. This is another important decision and various factors will dictate your choice here. Law enforcement boots come in a choice of three heights and consequently a choice of the number of lace holes. The higher the boot the more laces there are to deal with.

Some high boots come with laces as well as a zip on the side. This means that you can set the laces to the correct tension for your foot and never have to adjust the again. You just need to slide the zip down and take your foot out. If you need to be quick on your feet then a low height boot is best for you.

The low shoe gives full movement of the ankle allowing for much greater movement. Next up is the medium height boot, which rises up above the foot to the ankle and provides a couple of extra lace holes for securing the ankle. This gives extra support, without too much loose of mobility of the ankle. It is also possible to not use the upper lace holes, keeping the ankle free for more movement.

The medium height boot is a good balance between the three choices on offer. The full height boot completely encloses, not only the ankle, but the calf also. The full height boots vary in height offering different levels of protection and should be your choice if you need strong protection above the foot. An important choice to make before moving forward with your purchase.

The fabric of the boot. Here there are pretty much three choices. There is naturally treated leather, vinyl and other manmade materials and then canvas. Many boots incorporate all three types of material as well as elastic in sections to give flexibility. In general, the canvas boot gives the best flexibility, whereas the leather boots, especially the full height boots tend to be much stiffer, giving greater protection at the cost of a loss of mobility.

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account before deciding on your choice of work boots if you work in Law Enforcement. I hope that the information above helps you to make the right decision.

Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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