Book Publishing Costs

Once you have spent innumerable hours getting inspired, writing and re writing your beloved book, it is time to decide on how to publish it.

There are several options available to authors to make their books available to a wide audience. There is still the traditional route via a publisher, however this entails having a publisher agree to publish your book. This may or may not be easy, depending on many factors.

The other, increasing popular route, is to self publish. This means that you bare all the expenses yourself, however you get to keep all the rights and all the income, from the sale of your book. It gives you total control over the finished book.It is not uncommon for first time authors to self publish and then get a more lucrative deal from a publisher as a result.

If you have decided to self publish your book then please read on to see the steps and costs involved in us doing it for you.

We offer eBooks formats for over 30 online publishing platforms. However there are several major players in the space that are the first and obvious choices for you. These are:

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: The big daddy of the book space. It is a hugely popular platform especially due to the Kindle application on smartphones, tablets and the Kindle Reader. Huge marketing possibilities are available to sell your book through Amazon and for this they take about 30% of the book selling price.
  • NOOK Press: This is the competition from the second largest book seller in the world, Barnes & Noble. NOOk offers book publishing at no cost to the Author. Fees are similar to Amazon Kindle however the fees are based on the sale price of the book.
  • iBooks Author: Apple has it’s own iBooks store, that is available for all Apple products such as iPhones, iPads & computers. Apple has a huge customer base to draw from due to the huge popularity of its products and the iTunes Music Store. Fees vary by the price of the book.
  • Google Play: Not to be outdone ever, Google also have their Google Play Books Partner Centre. Offering tools to market your book through the global reach of the Google search engine. You can set your own prices and fees are based on this.

These are just examples of the biggest players however there are a host of others offering similar services to in many case a niche market. This include: Smashwords. Blurb, Lulu, Myebook, Kobo Writing Life, BookBaby,Shopify, eBookit, Payhip,Wasteland Press, Scribd. E-Junkie, Tradebit, Gumroad, Infinity Publishing, Selz, Slicebooks, Click2Sell, PayLoadz, iUniverse, InstantPublisher, Pressbooks,Draft2Digital,  LifeRich Publishing and more.

Our fees for Book Design (All prices are listed in GBPs)

The author should provide all book text in either ,.docx, .txt or .rtf format. The text should be edited and finished for print. If further editing is required, e.g spell check, grammar etc, then this is charged at £15/page. For a full edit by professional Editor, please ask for a quote.

Images and other design elements to be provided either as a .png or .jpeg file.,with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. If any editing of the image is required (in Photoshop etc.) this is charged at £15 per image.

(Included in the agreed cost is up to 4 hours of editing of text or images.Any extra editing is charged at £30 per hour.)


Registration Fee for ISBN Number: £50/each

(Registration of ISBN’s is separate for each different book format. Different book formats are eBook, Hard Back, Soft Back, 1st or 2nd Editions etc.)

Generation of Bar code: £20

Filing for Copyright: £30

Interior Pages costs.

Title & Publishing information pages, £6/page

Text only with no special formatting: £10/page

Images & text pages, £13/page

Pages with specific formatting (i.e. manuals), $12/page

Pages with images only, £10/page

Book Cover

eBook or Soft Cover Design: £200

Hard Cover £200 & £250 for dust cover

If you wish to commission original artwork for your cover this is charged last the chosen artists rate plus 15%.

(If you cover design is complicated or intricate then there may be extra work charged at the hourly rate of £30 per hour of on a price quote basis.)


We request 40% of the total estimated design fee paid in advance. The balance to be paid 7 business days before the finished book is delivered.

Please note that the above are guideline prices. We are happy to give an all inclusive price for the work you wish to have done.

We also offer marketing services for your book. Including websites, social media, blog posting and much more.Please ask us about these services.

Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

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